23 August, 2009


Since my last post I have been thinking and researching a very complex matter of heart. I conducted my research on a fair sample of my closest girlfriends and myself.

Now after weeks of listening to their stories and living my own, sitting here in my soft pink cow pattern bath rope, I feel ready to share it with all of you guys.

As most women do, after we finished discussing current economic situation, current fashion trends, each others office gossips or mutual acquaintances' "Ouu my Gosh did you hear...." stories, we did our personal love situation reviews in a clockwise manner around the McCafé table.

We were talking about how it often happens that a girl loses herself in a lovey-dovey-kissy-smoochy kind of a way when in love. One gets emotional and slowly but surely men feel like they can get away with almost anything.
So, while she is floating on her soft and cozy cloud nine without a seatbelt or a parachute for emergencies, he is piloting her sky with his manly guard, flirty cool attitude, parachute on his back, goggles on, extra air supply beside him and with a firm grip on the steering wheel, taking her higher and higher.

All through this "flight" she never thinks he would let her fall. He would never do anything to hurt her- he always used to say, but he eventually does. Sometimes he gets carried away piloting this plane, drives a bit to fast and drops her by accident. Than he flies back down real fast and catches her before she hits the ground, apologizing and promising he will never ever do it again.
She gets back on her cloud, this time she holds it a little tighter, but as the time goes she relaxes, loosens her grip and she is floating once again. Than, it happens that he drops her and she hits the floor real hard, it is painful and her heart is completely broken.

Now, I am not going to act as a firm feminist and say women should always be a pilot of their own planes, nor that she needs to be sneaky and get him before he gets her.

I was just thinking how nice it would be if there was some kind of a heart-love-pacer machine...like a little gadget you buy for $59.99 in pharmacy and place on your chest. Let’s call it a Love-pacer.

This gadget would pace your feelings towards a person you get to like. So you could turn it on and enter the data of the guy you fancy. You could enter the start date and on the need basis - the end date (this applies to summer romances, when you know he will go back to his country and probably never return).
It would be great if it could be adjusted accordingly as you are getting to know the guy, you know? Just like a +/- list many women make when still not sure if a guy is a dating material or not, but much more sophisticated with wires and all.

So let’s say he treats you right, he is honest and loving - you turn your Love -pacer to 40% - so you feel ok to return same feelings to him.
Let’s say you are suspecting he could be a player, than you make him work and prove himself otherwise, but play it safe and keep the Love-pacer to safe 15%.
If after a steadily growth, you allow yourself to get to 90% and decide to marry a guy, go ahead turn it to a big double zero -100%, but remember - never, ever, ever take the Love-pacer off.

Ohh..I wish such a thing existed...I know it seems so not romantic and cowardly.What is a great love story without some pain, suffering and broken heart? One would say.

It is an entertainment. Until it happens to you.