24 August, 2008

Talking Fashion

Where did the summer go?
I am not quit sure what is happening this year but I felt like summer has just swooshed by in a light year kinda speed. I vaguely remember snow this year in the City, meeting my boyfriend, having a spectacular two people New Years party with him and than it got warmer ( yes it got warmer in January!) , fashion week in Bryant Park, the showroom rush and than sum...and than ..mer was over! I just don´t get it, do seasons last weeks rather than months now?

Well, designers certainly recognized and are fully aware of the demand for "all seasons" fashion pieces. This was particularly noticeable in Fall/Winter 08 going on Resort 09. Due to the current situation in the global economy and the ever more visible effects of global warming, the fashion is changing and adapting to consumers needs for more affordable, practical and better quality fashion pieces, wearable year round.

On the other hand, when it comes to couture collections the rules of demand are not the same. All of the higher profile fashion houses (Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren) have focused and adapted on their highest paying customers and most developing markets of Middle East, Asia and India. After watching the shows and showroom pictures I have picked my favorites for both Fall/Winter 08.

Fall 2008 .
My absolute favorite shows were Galliano´s and McQueen´s shows. I also loved Ralph Lauren and DSquared collections.

McQueen used his trip to India as well as British Empire as inspiration for this collection. McQueen showed great craftmanship, his model was Victorian punk meets British royalty and queen Elizabeth. I loved the tulle skirts, India inspired jewelry, beautiful Fabergé egg purses, interesting skinny trousers and "the prince suit", gorgeous knit dresses and beautiful "feather lace"fabrics. McQeen´s fabrics were rich and royal, he used red, white, black and gold fabrics made in India, beautiful embroidery and feathers.

Galliano´s collection was beautifully insane as always. His scene was" a pastiche of a Rudolf Valentino-era silent-movie set"(Sarah Mower). I absolutely adore his houri pants, oversized head pieces, thirties chiffons, floral print dresses and coats and gorgeous free falling furs. The color pallet was wonderful (pale pinks, blues and burgundies).

DSquared showed vicious but wearable looks, I am sure Texas or Indiana would not be the best selling markets but it will be a definite success for New York as well as for many other fashion capitals in the world Paris, Tokyo, Milan etc. DSquared´s model was naughty secretary/librarian who wears fishnet stalkings, high waisted red plaid skirts, black fur, red lips and long leather glows. Batter return your books on time people!

On the other hand Ralph Lauren showed safer but very elegant and timeless collection. I loved one shoulder velvet dresses, high boots in red and purple, precise tailoring, gorgeous leather belts and Ricky bags, as well as feather and leaves embellished pieces. The color pallet was black, white, red, green, gold and purple.

In conclusion, Fall 08 Ready to Wear was artistically beautiful (Galliano and McQueen), timeless, elegant and classical ( Chanel, Ralph Lauren) and young and naughty(DSquared).
The trends are:

-Peplumed 40s style dresses and houri pants
-Plaid skirts and shirts, tweed
-Velvet/ shearling one shoulder dresses
-Silhouette skirts and coats
-Less is more philosophy (unless you are going for Diva Glam look)
-Black is a new black
-Minimalistic tendencies
-Futuristic caped jackets
-Funnel-collared furs
-High boots(red and purple is great)
-Chunky knits

Dress it up people September is behind the corner!


12 August, 2008

Long Distance Love

For more than two months now my boyfriend and I are forced to be in a long distance relationship. It is not easy, as you might imagine, but we are (read he is) handling it rather well. If we disregard the past four days which have been tragic, all in all I to managed the separation with minimal drama outbreaks (not counting PMS days).

Although I have never tried nor believed in maintaining a long distance relationship, when I met Ante, fell in love and we started planning our future together, the long distance period, which we knew it was coming seemed more like a puddle in the rain on our long walk to forever, where we knew we might get our shoes a bit wet, but they would dry before water would touch our feet.

Now, after stepping in the puddle I feel like I left home wearing my new purple suede Miu Miu flats forgetting all about the forecasted showers and I walked right through the middle of the puddle. I am actually standing in the middle of it right now. My flats are ruined, my feet are wet, I am staring at my feet and I can't move. Fucking rain.

While I am standing in the puddle, and staring at my ruined purple suede Miu Miu flats, I look up. Ante is holding my hand, standing on the edge of the puddle and smiling at me. He pulls me out of the puddle, tells me he loves me and promises we will go and get another pair of those purple flats.

We keep walking....and I realize...I would walk barefoot on the rain with him forever, as long as he would hold my hand.