In 2008. When I started writing my blog in New York City, it served as a tool to exchange the creative thoughts, feelings and ideas with my colleagues and friends who I worked with in showrooms, A&F and later in Rugby Ralph Lauren.

My primary intention was not to make blogging my full time job so I always took it as a hobby of mine which allowed me to have full creative freedom. I used it as my growing up diary entwined closely with fashion at each of my life stages.  So far, I haven’t been to keen communicating my blog through press as I felt I am still searching for my voice as a blogger.

My daily interactions with media through my work in P&G allowed me to better recognize which media to interact with as best fit to my blog.


INTERVIEWS on fashion portals:


REPORTS and REVIEWS on online portals:
FASHION.HR – Fall looks
FASHION.HR – Ladylike
PUSH IT MAGAZINE Top 5 Croatian bloggers

REFERALS from fellow bloggers:

          PRINT COOPERATIONS:                                            ELLE INTERVIEW:


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