I am a passionate fashionista writing lines of life, lyrics of passion and lines of passion for fashion.  Fashion is indeed very important and influential part of my personal aesthetics. All of the categories I cover in this blog are luxuriously illustrated and viewed from personal à la mode point of view shared in a way I would share it with my girlfriends over a cup of skinny peppermint mocha. 
To share my growing up life and love lessons, my commentary to current fashion trends, developing local fashion industry and business of fashion all through the eyes of a true fashionista.

LINES OF LIFE  are posts which reflect emotions and life lessons I learned and  went through in different stages of my life, these are the lessons of growing up which based on your feedback many can relate to and find comfort in.

LYRICS OF PASSION are the impulsive, spear of the moment lyrics that come to me randomly when I am in love.

LINES OF PASSION FOR FASHION are posts related to current fashion trends which I recommend to follow, fashion events reviews and commentaries from business side of fashion with a special focus on Croatian fashion industry and eco-friendly fashion.

QUICKIES are quick interviews I did with young and talented fashion designers, editors and business people from fashion world with intention to get better picture of what is happening in backstage of fashion industry.

I SPY is the collection of my travel diaries and reviews of various fabulous places I recommend you to visit worldwide.

URBAN GENTLEMAN  is the collection of posts which refer to current trends in menswear but also talk about male-female relationships from female point of view.

I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting my posts as much as I enjoy writing and sharing them with you lovelies. 


Katarina Štimac
La Passion pour la fashion founder & editor


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